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Barn First Aid

Barns, Stables, Shows and More: This is the Heavy Duty Kit You Need for Every Emergency

This Heavy Duty kit was created in response to requests that we provide a kit with more of everything that made our Vet Kit popular.

This is the one you need for a stable of horses or when you might be called upon to care for several animals.

We started with a heavy duty, metal case and added the kind of industrial strength First Aid kit that you expect for serious use.

Special orders for dealers, clubs and others, are available. Ask about our custom kits and private labeling.

All of the items most recommended by veterinarians and horse lovers to treat horses for minor injuries, or stabilize serious wounds while you seek professional care.
You get all of this, including the weather-resistant Care Card instructions

Barn First Aid Contents

  • 1-14 3/4" x 101/4" x 41/2" Metal Cabinet
  • 2-4" x 4 yd. Stretch Gauze
  • 2-4" x 5 yd. Vet wrap
  • 1-4" x 6 yd. Gauze Bandage
  • 1-Pair Scissors
  • 1-Thermometer
  • 1-4 oz. Eye Wash
  • 2-4 oz. PVP Iodine
  • 2-1" x 2 1/2 yd. Rolls Adhesive Tape
  • 1-1 oz. Antibiotic Ointment
  • 2-5" x 9" Wound Pads
  • 1-4 oz. bottle of Wonder Dust
Bird Kit Hardshell VSI-1019 $24.95
6.0" x 2.90" x 5.25" 0.55 lbs.
(Due to shipping limitations, this product is available only within the United States and may not be shipped to post office boxes.)

Why First Aid Kits?

Thousands have learned the hard way there is not substitute for being prepared. Read More.

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